Crimson Sky is the first battleground in the first Autobot Campaign: Locked and Loaded.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Scan for suitable base site 10 Autobot Gears (A) Smokescreen (R) Trailcutter (A) Autobot Ratchet (1) (R)
2 Locate construction materials 10 Silverstreak (R) Autobot Rewind (R) Grappel (A) Cyclonus (1) Weapon
3 Protect the turret platforms 10 Inferno (R) Windcharger (A) Sunstreaker (A) Autobot Ratchet (1) (A)
4 Prepare for test fire 10 Cliffjumper (R) Autobot Gears (R) Huffer (R) Ravage (1) Weapon
5 Search the Mountain top 10 Perceptor (R) Grappel (R) Ramhorn (R) Chromia (1) (R)
Laserbeak Laserbeak (1) Weapon

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