Alarmed and Dangerous is the second battleground in the second Decepticon Campaign: A Bridge To Victory.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Raise the Alarm 10 Overkill (R) Dirge (A) Razorclaw (A) Cyclonus (1) (R)
2 Locate Energon Source 10 Onslaught (R) Scourge (A) Acid Storm (R) Autobot Jazz (1) Weapon
3 Protect Energon Reserves 10 Kickback (R) Ransack (A) Thrust (R) Thundercracker (1) (A)
4 Defend the Conversion Effort 10 Scourge (A) Overkill (A) Hardshell (R) Grimlock (1) Weapon
5 Seek and Destroy 10 Ransack (R) Bonecrusher (R) Hardshell (A) Ravage (1) (A)
Ironhide Ironhide (1) Weapon

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