Operation Plunder is the second battleground in the first Decepticon Campaign: More Than Meets The Eye.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Attack the Blyde Dam 10 Blast Off (A) Headstrong (A) Scavenger (A) Thundercracker (1) (R)
2 Acquire the Energon 10 Chopshop (R) Mixmaster (R) Headstrong (R) Autobot Ratchet (1) Weapon
3 Transport the Energon 10 Vortex (R) Venom (A) Ransack (R) Laserbeak (1) (R)
4 Use Energon to replenish your strength 10 Kickback (A) Onslaught (A) Kickback (R) Wheeljack (1) Weapon
5 Attack the Autobots 10 Decepticon Brawl (A) Chopshop (A) Hook (R) Skywarp (1) (R)
Prowl Prowl (1) Weapon

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