Mountain of Fire is the third battleground in the first Autobot Campaign: Locked and Loaded.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Final test of defense systems 10 Wreck-Gar (R) Trailcutter (R) Perceptor (A) Autobot Ratchet (1) (A)
2 Locate undercover Decepticons 10 Cliffjumper (A) Wreck-Gar (A) Hoist (R) Thundercracker (1) Weapon
3 Scan malfunctioning sensors 10 Sunstreaker (R) Warpath (A) Red Alert (A) Bumblebee (1) (R)
4 Survey the Force Shield generators 10 Blurr (A) Autobot Rewind (A) Huffer (A) Ramjet (1) Weapon
5 Locate and capture Soundwave 10 Steeljaw (R) Inferno (A) Autobot Gears (A) Wheeljack (1) (A)
Soundwave Soundwave (1) Weapon

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