Secret Complete! is the third battleground in the first Decepticon Campaign: More Than Meets The Eye.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Defend Base construction 10 Ransack (A) Long Haul (A) Slugfest (R) Cyclonus (1) (A)
2 Divert the Autobots 10 Blast Off (R) Hardshell (R) Reflector (A) Bumblebee (1) Weapon
3 Secure the perimeter 10 Mixmaster (A) Rampage (A) Long Haul (R) Laserbeak (1) (A)
4 Lockdown base 10 Onslaught (R) Reflector (A) Hardshell (A) Prowl (1) Weapon
5 Activate the Cloaking Field 10 Vortex (A) Sharpshot (A) Bonecrusher (A) Thundercracker (1) (A)
Grimlock Grimlock (1) Weapon

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2: Operation Plunder 1: Hostile Takeover
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