The Toll To Victory is the third battleground in the second Decepticon Campaign: A Bridge To Victory.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1Evpatoria Radio Telescope pr01 Check Perimeter Security Systems 10 Venom (R) Ratbat (A) Ratbat (R) Skywarp (1) (R)
2Medupi Powerplant pr02 Locate Autobot Signal 10 Long Haul (A) Decepticon Brawl (R) Decepticon Frenzy (R) Optimus Prime (1) Weapon
3Downtown Destroyed pr02 Find the Jamming Device 10 Buzzsaw (A) Buzzsaw (R) Dirge (R) Cyclonus (1) (R)
4Solar Farm pr02 Reinforce Decepticon Search Party 10 Decepticon Brawl (A) Acid Storm (A) Blast Off (R) Optimus Prime (1) Weapon
5Pine Forest pr02 Hunt Down the Trailer Truck 10 Long Haul (R) Bonecrusher (A) Hook (A) Laserbeak (1) (A)
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime (1) Weapon

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