Acid Storm

Acid Storm Robot
Acid Storm Robot Mode
Acid Storm Alt
Acid Storm Alt Mode
Faction Decepticon Specialization Heavy Heavy
Rarity Uncommon Class Command Command
Sell Price 658 Credit Max Level 30
Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Quote A member of a squad of DECEPTICONS known as "The Rainmakers", ACID STORM is highly intelligent, eager, and dedicated to the DECEPTICON cause. He has a talent for handling vast amounts of data, and is a powerful speaker.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 638 1800 196 2634
Robot/Alt Card Max 1857 4720 816 7393
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 3343 8496 1469 13308
Robot Locations Alarmed and Dangerous
Alt Locations The Toll to Victory
Signature Weapon N/A

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