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All Hail Megatron
All Hail Megatron
Event Dates
Start End
December 17, 2014 December 23, 2014
Start End
January 8, 2015 January 13, 2015
Event Progression
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Money is Everything Orion's Gambit
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Dweller in the Depths Rescue the King



"After years of war, MEGATRON and his forces had finally conquered Earth. The AUTOBOTS had been driven back to a desolate Cybertron, their mighty leader grievously injured and bereft of the Matrix of Leadership. With no one to stop them, the DECEPTICONS’ subjugation of the Earth began in earnest.

After some time, OPTIMUS PRIME, finally recovered from his injuries, puts together a team to take back the Earth from the DECEPTICONS. As they prepare their ship to depart, the INSECTICON SWARM begins their attack, throwing the AUTOBOTS into disarray until SIDESWIPE is able to intervene with the help of the larger warriors on their side.

With the ambush thwarted, the AUTOBOTS arrive on Earth and go head-to-head with STARSCREAM, SOUNDWAVE, and the rest of the DECEPTICON forces. The battle is a desperate one, with neither side gaining the advantage.

Who will reign supreme in the battle for Earth? Who will stand, and who will fall? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends: “All Hail Megatron”!"


"After a titanic battle, MEGATRON is badly damaged through the efforts of OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS’ human allies, ending the conflict for now. The DECEPTICONS retreat, their leader in tow, while the AUTOBOTS begin the slow process of rebuilding the Earth."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Optimus Prime (8) 16x Attack Bonus

Optimus Prime (8) Weapon

Sideswipe (4) 10x Attack Bonus

Sideswipe (4) Weapon

Point Reward Cards[]

Thundercracker (8) 4x Attack Bonus (reach rob 30 000 pts / alt 120 000 pts)

Thundercracker (8) Weapon (reach 50 000 pts)

Reward Cards[]

Megatron (15)

Megatron (15) Weapon

Starscream (10)

Starscream (10) Weapon

Soundwave (10)

Soundwave (10) Weapon

Insecticon Swarm (1)

Insecticon Swarm (1) Weapon