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Beast Machines
Beast Machines.jpg
Event Dates
Start End
August 20, 2014 August 26, 2014
Event Progression
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The Autonomy Lesson Enter the Nightbird



"After a series of ferocious battles, the MAXIMALS find themselves back on Cybertron. Thrilled at first, their joy turns into trepidation when OPTIMUS PRIMAL and the others discover that MEGATRON and his VEHICON forces have taken over the barren planet.

Pursued by JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST, the MAXIMALS are rescued by the Oracle, who grants them new techno-organic forms, which allows them to survive in the changed environment of their old home.

Their resolve strengthened by their return, the MAXIMALS begin their fight to reclaim Cybertron by attacking VEHICON patrols in order to gather information. During one of these skirmishes, they happen upon JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST, who do not appreciate the destruction of their respective drones!

A new war for Cybertron has begun! Can the MAXIMALS restore peace to their home? Will MEGATRON and his VEHICONS destroy their foes? Who will reign supreme? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “BEAST MACHINES”!"


"JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST flee the battle, down but certainly not out. MEGATRON begins to plot his revenge as OPTIMUS PRIMAL and his allies celebrate their victory. The battle may have ended, but the war for Cybertron continues."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Optimus Primal (2) 16x Attack

Optimus Primal (2) Weapon

Cheetor (2) 10x Attack

Cheetor (2) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Megatron (9)

Megatron (9) Weapon

Jetstorm (1)

Jetstorm (1) Weapon

Tankor (2)

Tankor (2) Weapon

Thrust (6)

Thrust (6) Weapon