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Beast Wars
Beast Wars.jpg
Event Dates
Start End
December 4, 2013 December 10, 2013
Event Progression
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The Master Builders Prime Evil



"A massive tectonic shift has unearthed an abundance of Energon from the depths of the planet.  Taking advantage of the chaos, Megatron launches a full scale attack on Optimus Primal and the Maximals."

"Will Optimus Primal successfully fend off the surprise attack or will Megatron and the Predacons gain control of this strategic resource?  Find out in TRANSFORMERS Legends "Beast Wars!""


"Megatron begins the harvest of this vast Energon resource.  His next target is Maximal headquarters and the obliteration of Optimus Primal."

Raid Cards[]

Megatron (5) - x10 Attack

Megatron (5) Weapon

Dinobot (1) - x5 Attack

Dinobot (1) Weapon

Scorponok (1) - x3 Attack

Scorponok (1) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Optimus Primal (1)

Optimus Primal (1) Weapon

Rhinox (1)

Rhinox (1) Weapon

Cheetor (1)

Cheetor (1) Weapon

Rattrap (1)

Rattrap (1) Weapon