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Belly of the Beast
Belly of the Beast.jpg
Event Dates
Start End
December 3, 2014 December 9, 2014
Event Progression
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Last Stand of the Earth Defense Command Money is Everything



"During the last battle to save Cybertron from the monstrous UNICRON, two groups search for their allies. The DECEPTICON force, led by SHOCKWAVE, search for their new leader, GALVATRON. Meanwhile, ARCEE and DANIEL, separated from the AUTOBOTS, make their way through the bowels of their gigantic foe, hoping to find DANIEL’S father and their friends.

As they continue their exploration, the two groups happen upon each other, and quickly prepare their weapons. But before either side can fire a shot, CYCLONUS and SCOURGE are attacked by UNICRON’S internal defenses. RATBAT barely manages to escape their fate, and attempts to free his allies while his AUTOBOT foes are busy defending themselves from the same robotic arms.

Will ARCEE and DANIEL find their friends before it’s too late? Can the DECEPTICONS survive long enough to escape from the depths of UNICRON? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends: “Belly of the Beast”!"


"ARCEE and DANIEL manage to free themselves from the encroaching defenses, and are about to try to free the DECEPTICONS when the entirety of UNICRON shakes, throwing them to the floor. SHOCKWAVE and the others manage to free themselves in that moment, and the entire group silently agrees to escape while they can. ARCEE and DANIEL meet up with their friends just as UNICRON’S head explodes off his body, ending his threat… for now."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Arcee (7) 16x Attack Bonus

Arcee (7) Weapon

Daniel Witwicky (1) 10x Attack Bonus

Daniel Witwicky (1) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Shockwave (11)

Shockwave (11) Weapon

Cyclonus (7)

Cyclonus (7) Weapon

Scourge (6)

Scourge (6) Weapon

Ratbat (5)

Ratbat (5) Weapon