Best of Episode - Autobot Run
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Event Dates
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July 29, 2015 August 4, 2015
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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

"SILVERSTREAK and TRAILCUTTER, at Spike’s suggestion, convince some of the other AUTOBOTS to put on a charity race. Meanwhile, the CONSTRUCTICONS have created the Transfixatron, a device that freezes Cybertronians into their current form, which they intend to use on their AUTOBOT foes.

Just as the race is about to be completed, SCRAPPER and MIXMASTER use the Transfixatron on the racers, which goes unnoticed. The DECEPTICONS then spring their attack upon the watching crowd, and when PROWL, MIRAGE, and the others attempt to change to fight back, they discover that they are unable to leave their vehicular forms.

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to mount a counter attack, or will they be stuck as cars for the rest of their lives, while the DECEPTICONS take over the Earth? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “AUTOBOT RUN”!"

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

"Through a combination of fancy driving and stunt work, PROWL and the other AUTOBOTS are able to fend off the DECEPTICONS long enough for their scientists to figure out a way to reverse the effects of the Transfixatron. The newly revived AUTOBOTS drive off SCRAPPER and his allies, and destroy the Transfixatron."

Space Bridge Cards[edit | edit source]

Scrapper (3) 16x Attack

Scrapper (3) Weapon

Mixmaster (3) 10x Attack

Mixmaster (3) Weapon

Reward Cards[edit | edit source]

Prowl (12)

Prowl (12) Weapon

Silverstreak (6)

Silverstreak (6) Weapon

Mirage (8)

Mirage (8) Weapon

Trailcutter (6)

Trailcutter (6) Weapon

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • players that participated in pre-registration
    • caught in team building bug
      • prevented participation
      • counted neither as a win nor a loss
      • exact details are unknown
  • players that did not participate in pre-registration
    • losing teams were not disbanded
    • winning teams were not awarded day wins
    • new opponents were not assigned; teams faced the same opponent all 6 days
    • entering battle with the Prowl boss locks up the game, and requires a restart to resume
  • Rewards from Raiding Party were incorrectly listed as tier rewards, and distributed as rewards for this event. Since neither day wins nor tier rewards functioned correctly, the proper rewards for this event were not released.
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