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Best of Episode - Covert Operations
BoE-Covert Operations banner.PNG
Event Dates
Start End
September 2, 2015 September 8, 2015
Event Progression
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Best of Episode - Circle of Light Best of Episode - The War Within



"Autobot operations have seen a series of setbacks lately. Each incident in itself may seem harmless, but the Autobots Blaster and Prowl have seen a pattern emerging where every major Autobot operation is slowly hampered and brought to a slowdown. Too delicate for a regular Decepticon ploy, this Decepticon operation is all about stealth, infiltration and hit and run attacks. In a response the Autobots send their best operatives that are the perfect fit to counter this new threat…"


"The Decepticon Infiltrations have been stopped! Soundwave and his tapes have been outsmarted and outclassed by the combined skills of the brightest Autobots. But who knows where Soundwave will surface next..."


Easy: "Easy"

Medium: "Medium"

Hard: "Hard"


Space Bridge[]

Blaster (7) 16x Attack Bonus

Blaster (7) Weapon

Nightbeat (3) 10x Attack Bonus

Nightbeat (3) Weapon

Prowl (13)

Prowl (13) Weapon


Eject (2)

Eject (2) Weapon

Soundwave (16)

Soundwave (16) Weapon

Ravage (9)

Ravage (9) Weapon

Laserbeak (7)

Laserbeak (7) Weapon

Boss Capture[]

Soundwave (16)

Ravage (9)

Laserbeak (7)

Additional Notes[]

  • Gold Episode Warrior Medals and Gold Episode Weapon Medals space bridges were not dispensing the expected raider cards with attack bonus: Blaster (7), Nightbeat (3), or Prowl (13). They were instead producing Sentinel Prime (3) and Alpha Trion (3) without any attack bonus.
  • Episode Premium Pack space bridge and Weapon space bridge via Shanix, and Premium Medal Reward via Ruby Medals were producing Episode raider cards as normally expected.