Best of Episode - End of the Road
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July 22, 2015 July 28, 2015
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"In this episode, it’s a classic Autobot vs Decepticon stand-off. Jets versus cars! This episode is Powermasters vs Powermasters!

In a battle that took place eons ago, an ongoing fight against the Decepticons looked very bleak for the Autobots. A fierce and bitter rivalry developed between the Powermasters on both sides. In a Decepticon ambush, the Autobots fought a desperate battle in which Decepticon Powermasters Dreadwind and Darkwing defeated some of the remaining Autobots, specifically their Powermaster counterparts Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash. However, their victory was halted by an unsuspected ally. On the brink of annihilation, the Autobots managed to survive thanks to Optimus Prime. No match for Optimus, the Decepticons had no choice but to retreat.

Now, many years later, the Powermasters run into each other again on Earth. And they have a score to settle!"


"After so many years, the Decepticon Powermasters finally settled the score. The spirit and battle prowess of the Autobot Powermasters couldn’t stand against the bitter hate and ferociousness of their Decepticon counterparts."


Easy: "Easy"

Medium: "Medium"

Hard: "Hard"


Space BridgeEdit

Ravage (8) 16x Attack Bonus

Ravage (8) Weapon

Darkwing (4) 10x Attack Bonus

Darkwing (4) Weapon

Dreadwind (3) 5x Attack Bonus

Dreadwind (3) Weapon


Laserbeak (6)

Laserbeak (6) Weapon

Getaway (2)

Getaway (2) Weapon

Joyride (2)

Joyride (2) Weapon

Slapdash (2)

Slapdash (2) Weapon

Boss CaptureEdit

Getaway (2)

Joyride (2)

Slapdash (2)

Additional NotesEdit

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