Best of Episode - Monstrosity
Best of Episode - Monstrosity
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May 6, 2015 May 12, 2015
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"While investigating a series of devastating, Decepticon coastal attacks, Ironhide and Fireflight witness a massive and terrifying creature rising from the oceans. The city-sized robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex named Trypticon now stalks the coast!

Rivaling the Autobots’ own Metroplex in sheer power, Trypticon begins a campaign to level Autobot Headquarters with the support of the Decepticons Rippersnapper, Cutthroat, and Blot. With Autobot Headquarters completely leveled, Trypticon sets his attention on Autobot City-and at the heart of Autobot City is Metroplex-who lies defenseless without his transformation cog.

The Autobots, knowing that only Metroplex stands a chance against Trypticon, race to deliver a new transformation cog to Metroplex before the rampaging, robotic, dino can stomp Autobot City and Metroplex into the ground. In order to defeat the Decepticon armies, Ironhide and Fireflight must wade through waves of Decepticon forces!"


"Ironhide and Fireflight reach Metroplex, installing his transformation cog, and watching - from the inside - the sheer power involved in transforming a thriving city of heroes into a powerful robot. Trypticon battles Metroplex. The damage to both combatants is unparalleled, but Metroplex unleashes a final mighty punch, sending the defeated Trypticon to the bottom of the ocean."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Ironhide (9) 16x Attack

Ironhide (9) Weapon

Fireflight (4) 10x Attack

Fireflight (4) Weapon

Point Reward CardsEdit

Reward CardsEdit

Trypticon (4)

Trypticon (4) Weapon

Rippersnapper (3)

Rippersnapper (3) Weapon

Cutthroat (3)

Cutthroat (3) Weapon

Blot (2)

Blot (2) Weapon

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