Best of Episode - The Colossus War
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Event Dates
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August 19, 2015 August 25, 2015
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"This week on Transformers: Legends… Galvatron, eager to turn the tide of battle has summoned Trypticon! This massive monstrosity capable of untold destruction will invade Autobot territory to push the Decepticon line forward. Standing in their way is the Autobot fortress Metroplex under the command of Rodimus!

Will Metroplex and the Autobots hold their ground or will they be crushed by the ferocity of this Decepticon beast? Parepare yourself for…

“The Colossus War”"


"Trypticon roars triumphantly as the Decepticon line moves further into Autobot territory! Can Metroplex and the Autobots regroup for a counter-attack? Stay tuned!"

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Trypticon (5)

Trypticon (5) Weapon

Galvatron (14)

Galvatron (14) Weapon

Ramjet (8)

Ramjet (8) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Metroplex (7)

Metroplex (7) Weapon

Rodimus (10)

Rodimus (10) Weapon

Ultra Magnus (12)

Ultra Magnus (12) Weapon

Missing-in-Action CardsEdit

Sergeant Kup (8)

Sergeant Kup (8) Weapon

Additional NotesEdit

  • Gold Episode Warrior Medals and Gold Episode Weapon Medals were not dispensing the expected raider cards with attack bonus: They were instead producing Alpha Trion (3) without any attack bonus. It is unknown if other cards were also produced.
  • Episode Premium Pack space bridge and Weapon space bridge via Shanix, and Premium Medal Reward via Ruby Medals were producing Episode raider cards as normally expected.
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