Final Rank: #290

Final Score: 60.16 million points

Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): post event DP 36688

Money Spent (and currency): $0

Coins Spent: 0 (didn't even want to try pulling the R5 Snapdragon weapon due to crap stats)

Battle Cubes: +338

Energon Cubes: +1529

Ruby Pulls: 8 total pulls @ 1500 = 12000 rubies

Medals: banked 7k golds/silver medals + 3k weapon medals (also upgraded/MTM'ed my Twin Twist R6) at the end of the event, pulled only 1 Skullcruncher weapon from medals all event, no raiders at all.

Liked: farming ECs + the massive medal payout from the new level 9 bosses (good for future upgrade material for R6 cards)

Disliked: too easy to obtain rubies for raid cards (1500 per pull on separated bot/alt ruby bridge is too low, should be double that); raid card is also too overpowered, thus continuing the same broken "individual" method of T1 (basically whoever has the most time and most EC can get that T1) which makes R6 cards pretty much useless as always due to the abundance/power of the ruby raiders. Also there is no point in trying to obtain the R6 raider card (Snapdragon in this week's event) since the x10's are so easy to get, the x16 won't help anyone - it's purely for R6 collectors.

Other: After farming about 1050 EC the first day (ended #14, 9.1 million points) I stopped playing for about 2 days straight (only logged on every 3 hours for hourlies and daily rewards) as I decided to only farm this event. I was very happy with this decision as I saw how badly the points were going to skyrocket with the introduction of the level 9 bosses and the amount of rubies that were dropping... and burning ECs at an insane rate for most players. But I missed the period of time when the ??? bosses were raining :( I also started using a second device to seed my main account ECs for the last 2 days, and managed to farm another 450 or so ECs while allowing my main account to push easy into T2 while also farming medals for future R6 upgrades.

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