Thanks GoC.

I was being nice with "audience perception."  ;)

I remember the "Transmetal-palooza" you referenced. Before I knew it, I had over 600 of 'em. It was great, but it still cost over 100 to max one UR card, so it doesn't last long. However, for this event I didn't max Motormaster until AFTER the event was done and I got the 100x transmetals. I couldn't get captures for crap, and half of the ones I did get didn't award them.

I got 3x Grimlock Bots in that episode on three pulls. Most upsetting. I saw that they were offering a starter pack with a complete Grimlock [4], but I couldn't justify $35 to complete a card that wouldn't make my deck. Still, the idea has merit. I'd pay $1 to complete a card for my cyberdex, especially if it were for a favorite. Honestly, I think they should do something similar and use previous characters as cards during the campaign events for the enemy waves. Think of the Chain usage then, LOL.

I will have to check on that last one. I had fought an H-10 Motormaster and the game crashed mid-fight. When I logged back in, it took me to the capture screen, which failed. When the rewards screen was shown, it said I got 8k for finishing the campaign and nothing else. I cannot be 100% sure, but it appeared that I was only awarded 8k points. I'll admit, I didn't check the totals of Rubies, Nets and BCs, though.

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