How in the hell is possible in the first 18 hours of the event get 8 UR5 Bumblebees! This guy (Seçkin Mert ) from the FBCC got it. The only way I can think this is possible is that this guy had to buy 880 chains and chained 880 times the H10 boss.

But I think is more probable that he found a way to cheat the game. 

So if they do it's alright, but if you pass your id game and password, oh my god you're the Devil itself. 

Also they say if someone else win the events is a living prove that the game is a pay to win model, but if one of them win... Well the game is ok and all hail the winner.

Give me a break!

This boycotters have a very twisted way to think. 

Screenshot by 11165765 - Call of the Primitives - Current Top Ranks
Image by 11165765 - Call of the Primitives - Facebook - Screenshot by Seckin Mert - 8 Bumblebee Raid Cards at Max Trans-Scan Stats

Screenshot by 11165765 - Facebook - Call of the Primitives - Ultra Rare Deck Power
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