I sent this email on Friday to mobage. no response yet....

I am a paying player and frequent t1 player. I pay to play, I pay alot to play. The cheaters have run up the score of t1 and that has cost me money. I could not break into the top 100 of 'one shall fall' due to the points race. I have t1s victories recently for omega supreme, metroplex, hound, motormaster and starcream, all of which I had to spend more money and more cubes than ever before due to the cheaters. CHEATING gave them UNFAIR advantage over many episodes, and you apparently think it is adequate to ban them for only A WEEK! RIDICULOUS! They should be banned FOREVER! Did you read that, FOREVER! They cheated, they knew they were cheating. They even state on their website they were cheating to screw mobage! and u are going to let them keep playing? In addition, for the next PVP, I will have to face their cheated cards costing me more money to beat CHEATERS again, and cost more cubes and that is NOT FAIR GAMEPLAY! You must at an absolute minimum ban them thru the next PVP so I and the other fair players will not have to face their cheated cards and they will not be able to rank up for the next raid event! As a company, you would show much more backbone to your player base by proper punishment. We would respect you more for standing up for a FAIR GAME! If your only solution for such overt cheating is a week ban, you had better get ready for much more in the future as well as a loss of your player base, including ME! Please consider futher measures to correct this injustice! Thanks-Broadman312

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