CforKat wrote:

Meierneal wrote:
@dutchrits. Recommended dp is not always the right option. Play around with the weapons. Mobage will usually pick the right bots but not always the right weapons. If we ever get another pvp event look at your lvl 3 weapons ;)

Pretty sure Dutch knows that, he has been playing for ages :)

His question was about something far more complicated.

Thanks Kat.  ;)

Still, that's an interesting tidbit Meierneal mentioned. I'd often thought that Mobage had gotten lazy in assigning abilities to weapons, with many of the abilities for Lvl3 weapons not used (Like Superiority and such). I hadn't considered equipping those weapons on my crop of URs now, mainly due to the dropoff in overall DPS/Health/Def. This sounds ripe for a "Tactics Discussion."

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