Here comes the venting :

1. the COG inccident :

lets set aside the small things like :

a. forcing ppl to use the Rollete space bridge again, as the only option to get a proper card (Brainstorm, through cogs), raids and rewards are a complete joke.

b. we saw the leaks screenshots - they were aiming for 36 cogs for L1, 47 cogs for L2 (dont know how much for lvl 3) - they decided to DOUBLE the amount.

true - we saw LEAKED screenshots, nothing official, but it demonstrates the way the company thinks and where they are headed.

no ... i dont want to talk about these small things. lets talk about something ALMSOT illigal regarding the cogs.


unlike rubies, that u dont pay for them, u gain them through gaming, free of charge, to use during the spidoe in which u gain them, all fair.

BUT u pay for cogs. u pay about 250$ to the the card u want. (let me repeat that , 250$ for a digital picture to serve u for a week, and some more as a soldier / tank in your deck, ppl actually pay that ???? for a single card ???)

anyawwys back to track - cogs are item u BUY. u purchase them with REAL MONEY. once u paid , u OWN the item. mobage should have no right to take it away from u. period. 

once u claimed it , its yours. paid for product, making it disapear is almost like theft.

why i keep saying ALMOST , its becuase, lligaly they can say u payed for the card u got from the space bridge, and no one took your card away, and the cogs are a side bonus not the actuall itemu bought, the actual item u paid for is the card. 

so we cant act fromaly against mobage, becuase on that espect they are covered. 

but common - we all know ppl pay for the cogs, not the chance card, so in the end , we pay for items, and mobage take it away from us (if we decide not to use the cogs).

2. Mobage clearly demonstrated thier main goal is to get as much money they can from those T1 player , and they dont give crap about paying T2, free T2, or free players at all.

they obviously do not belive in thier product, do not care about the game, its a means to an end . period. 

Rat bat with T3 stats , as a T2 reward ??? probebly the least popular chracter with even worse stats ...

Raid cards, that have lower card then T2 quality cards and rewards had 3 month ago ? 18k attack ??? really ? 

they saying it load and clear - there are a few nutters playing this game , that spand 250-600$ every week, lets cater them, and fuck all the rest.

i am lossing intrest here day by day.

and i am a paying T2 player, for the past few month. 

i belive that if they looked they would have seen that that make more money from the T2 paying players, then the few T1 high rollers.

everything about this company just doesnt make since, and feels dirty.

/venting off

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