Agamerjes wrote:
5. Finally... is everyone taking this week off or what?  As some know from chat last night, I burned to rank 23 last night.  Not unusual, I tend to hit near 100 the first day of raid/campaigns and drop off as people get in gear.  What is off is, when I woke up today, I only dropped to 136.  Considering this is T1/T2, that is an extremely weak drop off.  Not complaining, I won't lose sleep over maybe winning an R6 Soundwave, but it seems like this week is starting off slow on the points.

I know there's the old saying of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" - and I'm going to try to say this as best as I can without sounding condescending (but it's probably already too late for that).

Campaign events are not like other events. People who are aiming for Tier 1 don't race to score as many points as they can as soon as the event starts. The wise and smart players are slowly using their free Energon to scan and slowly make their way up to H10. It is on the last 1 or 2 days when they make their 100 runs in H10 within the span of about 6-8 hours and secure T1.

It just makes me laugh when players think they have a small taste of what it feels like to have enough points during the first 12 hours of an event to be within Tier 1. Then when the real Tier 1 players start to seriously push and put up points, your dreams of finishing Tier 1 are crushed and your dreams of getting a T1 prize fly away. I'll be pacing my H10 runs slowly over the first few days while efficiently using all the free Energon and chaining every H10 boss to my R6 Soundwave. I'll use any of 2k+ EC refills as needed but I won't need to do that until the last couple of days.

Keep burning your EC trying to hold rank... you'll soon learn that unless you have $100 to spend on chains, you're not coming close to finishing T1 in a campaign event. No matter how slow it starts, your attempt is wasted.

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