Assuming 4 weeks in 1 month and you hit at least each event type once:

Raid Event: farm your ass off during Day 1 for ECs. ECs are starting to become more of the lifeblood of this game, as they are crucial for every event type. If you are able to farm between 750-1000 ECs during the first 24 hours, you've had success on multiple stages. Not only did you farm EC to be used in other event types, you've also most likely secured a nice set of cards through the point rewards (you should have reached multiple millions of points) - that is a full R5 set right there. You can't T1, don't go for T2, and see if you can snipe and chase T3. Also from your first 24 hours, you should probably get enough Rubies to make at least 2 pulls for a full MTM R5 raider card, which have been pretty strong recently to stay/add/keep in your deck.

Evolve/Campaign Event: from the massive amounts of ECs you've farmed, you should be able to do a couple of things depending on your goal. If you want to get some R5 cards for your deck, make multiple runs in the Hard campaign while throwing nets at the bosses (but be warned, you may get unlucky and go for 50-60 runs without netting even 1 of them). Otherwise, you can farm on Easy 1 and start to accumulate nets in your inventory since you'll get 3 nets everytime you beat the Easy 1 boss. Throw nets at everything, as they will give out either +1 BC or extra upgrade transmetals. This is known as EC-to-BC conversion, as it averages out to about 1 BC gained per 1 EC recharge used. No use in trying to achieve T2/T3 since those rewards are usually weak and won't improve your deck much.

Team Battle: not much you can do except try to get lucky on a team with someone chasing T1. Most likely you won't, so you'll have to look at the rewards and try to end up with 3 days or 4 days wins so you can at least get a nice R5 weapon to use with your deck. It will be a hard decision for you to determine whether or not to spend your resources to help your team. Also there is no way to farm Team Battles, so try to conserve if you can - but don't be that cheap teammate that doesn't help. At the very least, you need to make the minimum required points or else you'll get dropped from your team.

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