The event was postponed due to all of the bugs/issues found within. It will be re-released early this month from what mobage has been saying. I'm saying it will probably be around the middle of the month seeing as that with the holidays now over and the teams coming back to work on the game and event issues probably a lot of testing minor tweaks and so then launch the event fully again in its entirety. (There was a note stating that the event would be re-released in its entire duration, leads me to believe that they are resetting the event duration but leaving the rank points/valor/whatever in place.)

Bspaul41: The odds of hitting (i don't know the exact amount, i don't think anyone really knows, are extremely thin. In the time I have played, since launch basically and i don't play as much as a I could i have hit a ton of level 3 and 2-3 level 4. The level 4 are from the Insecticon event that was postponed. They were giving out silver medals (i believe these give a slightly higher chance to hit level 2-4 more often) which were given for each kill of the event boss, you could get as many as 8-10 from one boss kill. and at the exchange rate of 1 medal to 1 card, you could get tons of cards. For example, I had battled these guys probably 100+ times and got 3-10 silver medals per fight. I would say i had at one point 300-400 medals, this gave me 300-400 cards and that many chances to get a level 4. I hit 2-3 i don't remember exactly I know an Elite Optimus Prime and Jetfire, but it took an average of 100-150 packs. I got a ton of level 3 cards and have filled my level 1 and level 2 cyberdex.

Currently level 54 look me up: magicwwarlock

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