I don't mind scanning in the images in total and i have photoshop which will make the meshing of images quite simple. For the Cyberdex-Characters image i kinda want to go with a robot to alt form fade from top left to bottom right. I have the ability to its just with how busy I am its finding time to get it done.

I like the little note the links pages together. I think we should keep it. adds more continuity as you say. The stats are also different on the trans-scan card. Higher base stats. If i'm not mistaken the max level still remains the same. Over the holiday weekend I will get the trans-scan images uploaded as best as i can and start modifying the images and post to grappel my concept of the cyberdex image for trans-scan.

Great job getting the basic info uploaded as well. I have been working on getting the cyberdex full on my game and am sitting at roughly 140 transformers and 25 weapons. Still have a long way to go but the images that people have been uploading and adding to the system are really helping out.

I think a good idea might be to find a way to add a back button or next transformer to the info sheets on each char. (I.E. Blurr-Huffer-Grappel...and so on Same with Decepticons). Might be something to look into.

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