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Box Trap
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Event Dates
Start End
June 4, 2014 June 10, 2014
Event Progression
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Fatal Furies: Flamewar's Revenge Rushdown Road



"Following the worldwide announcement that an elite group of scientists have discovered the secrets of Gravitronic Energy, SOUNDWAVE and his minions DECEPTICON FRENZY, BUZZSAW and RATBAT are sent to obtain those secrets - no matter the cost! Predicting the Autobots will mount a rescue mission, Soundwave orders his troops to delay the Autobot forces, giving him all the time he needs to get what he came for.

True to their heroic nature, BUMBLEBEE and SUNSTREAKER are tasked to save the scientists before any harm is done to them. Driving as fast as their tires can carry them, they know they're barreling head first into a Decepticon trap - but there's no time to spare! At the last moment, the trap is sprung! Buzzsaw, Ratbat, and Decepticon Frenzy attack in full force as Soundwave announces, "Commence OPERATION OBSTRUCTION"!

Will the Decepticons be able to hold off the Autobot duo long enough for Soundwave to finish his evil task? Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS - BOX TRAP!"


"The Decepticons are overwhelmed by Bumblebee and Sunstreaker's quick thinking - and even quicker reflexes!  With Soundwave and his minions driven away, the Autobots free the scientists and protect the secret of Gravitronic Energy in a Cybertronian Encryption system."

Easy campaign[]

Operation: Gravitronic Acquisition

Medium campaign[]

Operation: Autobot Decimation

Hard campaign[]

Operation: Autobot Oblivion

Space Bridge Cards[]

Bumblebee (8) 16x Attack

Bumblebee (8) Weapon

Sunstreaker (3) 10x Attack

Sunstreaker (3) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Soundwave (7)

Soundwave (7) Weapon

Soundwave (6)

Soundwave (6) Weapon

Decepticon Frenzy (3)

Decepticon Frenzy (3) Weapon

Ratbat (4)

Ratbat (4) Weapon

Buzzsaw (2)

Buzzsaw (2) Weapon

Boss Capture Cards[]

Buzzsaw (2)

Ratbat (4)

Decepticon Frenzy (3)