By Land, Sea, or Air is the second PVP event

By Land, Sea, or Air
Event Dates
Start End
October 9, 2013 October 15, 2013
Event Progression
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Call Of The Primitives Eagle Eyes



"It’s an all-out military melee on this week’s episode of Transformers: Legends! Forces are arriving by every available means: with Hound over land, with Seaspray by sea, and with Acid Storm in the skies. Only the most capable soldiers will persuade Hound and his Autobot allies to join their side. Prepare your forces to achieve victory in this week’s episode: “By Land, Sea, or Air!”"


"You have fought valiantly on the field of battle - have you proven yourself worthy in the eyes of your opponents? The clashing of military machines has been quieted… for now!"

Raid CardsEdit

Acid Storm (2) - x2 raid

Acid Storm (2) Weapon

Vortex (2) - x1,5 raid

Vortex (2) Weapon

Whirl (1) - x1,2 raid

Whirl (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Autobot Hound (3)

Autobot Hound (3) Weapon

Powerglide (1)

Powerglide (1) Weapon

Roadburner (1)

Roadburner (1) Weapon

Seaspray (1)

Seaspray (1) Weapon

PvP Event MechanicsEdit

Photo 2013-09-18 10 21 32 PM
Photo 2013-09-18 10 18 47 PM
Photo 2013-09-18 10 19 09 PM

Photo 2013-09-18 10 21 11 PM
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