Micromasters are Transformers with small and extremely fuel-efficient bodies. Some were created that way, others were created as ordinary Transformers (or guzzlers, as Micromasters sometimes call normal-sized Transformers) and rebuilt into Micromasters. Transforming into (usually) tiny cars, planes, and other vehicles, they are depicted as roughly human-sized in robot mode in most continuities.

Some Micromasters are also Combiners. One kind are the Micromaster Combiners, who can each form either the front or back half of a combined vehicle. They are not constrained to joining only with their Combiner partner; they can join with any other as well as to the back of any Micro Trailer. In addition, there are the Combi-Micromasters, who combine together in another humanoid robot. No character has ever been specifically designated as one, but the description at least fits the members of the Multiforce.

Recently, the Multiforce members have been branded as DX Micromasters. What exactly a DX Micromaster is has not been explained. Perhaps it's a Micromaster who is no longer small and extremely fuel efficient?

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