The Mini Vehicles (also known as Minibots, Mini-Autobots, or Minicars) are
Transformers of small stature. Size notwithstanding, many had considerable abilities or armaments, the latter usually built-in, as they usually did not carry guns or fit external launchers. Some of them are Bumblebee (Espionage,) Brawn (Demolition,) Cliffjumper (Warrior,) Autobot Gears (Transport/Reconnaissance,) Huffer (Construction Engineer,) Windcharger (Warrior,) Beachcomber (Geologist,) Cosmos (Reconnaissance & Communications,) Powerglide (Aerial Warrior,) Seaspray (Naval Defense,) Warpath (Warrior,) Hubcap (Communications,) Outback (Gunner,) Pipes (Warrior,) Swerve (Metallurgist,) Tailgate (Scout,) Wheelie (Survivalist,) Glyph (Archaeometrist,) Tap-Out (Bodyguard,) and Rook (Journalist.)

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