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This type of Event/Episode consists of encountering and battling powerful "bosses" alone or with help. Bosses are the event reward cards, given stats based upon a as many as 9 (Event Bosses Analysis ) levels (NOT to be confused with the levels of a character card). Players may select a bonus to their deck's attack power based upon the number of Battle Cubes selected. Many of the latter bosses in an event are too strong for one player to take down without a significant investment of Battle Cubes, so an in-game help request is available, allowing the player to ask for help from Allies and the player base at large.

To aid in taking down the bosses, Raid Cards are offered either for purchase from the Tiered Space Bridge or via Ruby Medals.

Each episode is also targeted at a specific faction, and character cards of that faction using weapons of that faction are given a 5% boost to their ATK (20% if all cards in the 9-character team are using faction weapons).

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