The six Seacons are the Decepticons' undersea combat specialists. They all transform into mechanical beasts resembling (more or less) aquatic life forms from Earth. The six combine into the super warrior Piranacon (also spelt 'Pirranacon'). The team consists of the cruel and calculating Snaptrap (their team leader,) he transforms into a snapper turtle (sort of); the clumsy and insecure Nautilator, who transforms into a lobster-monster; the vicious Overbite (also known as Jawbreaker in the Marvel UK comic continuity,) he becomes a shark with extra limbs; the sneaky Seawing, a manta ray; the unhygenic and polluting Skalor, a coelacanth with arms and legs; and the sadistic and strong Tentakil, an upright walking squid.

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