Circle of Light
Circle of Light
Event Dates
Start End
October 15, 2014 October 21, 2014
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Web World The B-Team, Part Deux



"After a falling out with his commanding officer, DEADLOCK finds himself adrift and alone on a planet that is unfamiliar to him. There he discovers a large base, and as he approaches it, he is found by STAR SABER, who assures the DECEPTICON that he bears him no ill intent. STAR SABER invites him to meet with his allies in the Circle of Light.

While DEADLOCK meets DAI ATLAS and AXE, LOCKDOWN lands elsewhere, intent on bringing the rogue DECEPTICON back into the fold. He teams up with a group of local hunters, who deem DEADLOCK and his new friends “fresh prey”.

Can LOCKDOWN bring DEADLOCK back to Cybertron, one way or another? Or will DAI ATLUS and the Circle of Light be able to convince the DECEPTICON warrior to follow them on their path to a peaceful life? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “CIRCLE OF LIGHT”!"


"With LOCKDOWN and his forces defeated, DEADLOCK, after reflecting on his past, renounces his DECEPTICON ways and restarts his life as DRIFT. DAI ATLUS and the others welcome him into the Circle of Light, and they resume their journey to find a place to live in peace."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Deadlock (1) 16x Attack

Deadlock (1) Weapon

Lockdown (1) 10x Attack

Lockdown (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Dai Atlas (1)

Dai Atlas (1) Weapon

Drift (3)

Drift (3) Weapon

Axe (1)

Axe (1) Weapon

Star Saber (1)

Star Saber (1) Weapon

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