Circuit Breaker
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February 26, 2014 March 4, 2014
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When Sparks Fly Deadly Depths



"Fearing that Scattershot and his band of brothers will combine into Computron, Hun-Gurrr positions his Terrorcons for an ambush. Sinnertwin is in position to attack both Nosecone and Strafe and as a back up a plan; the Terrorcons can always combine into the rampaging Abominous!

With a quick strike, the Terrocons descend upon the Technobots, preventing them from combining. The victor of this fracas holds the key to an unsuspecting Autobot City! Scattershot sends Afterburner out to call for reinforcements, but will they arrive in time?"


"Unable to form Computron, the Technobots are overwhelmed by Sinnertwin and Hun-Gurrr! They can only watch as Hun-Gurrr opens the gates to Autobot City, bellowing, "Let the slaughter begin!" With that, the five Terrorcons stomp into an unsuspecting Autobot City..."

Easy campaignEdit

Operation: Prey

"Surprise is the key to victory!  Take down Afterburner before he can call for reinforcements!"

Medium campaignEdit

Operation: Monster Mayhem

"Strafe is pinning us down!  Flank his position and finish him off!"

Hard campaignEdit

Operation: Divide and Conquer

"Nosecone is burrowing through the rock!  Immobilize him before he can call the other Technobots!"

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Hun-Gurrr (2) - 10x Attack

Hun-Gurrr (2) Weapon

Sinnertwin (1) - 5x Attack

Sinnertwin (1) Weapon

Afterburner (1) Weapon

Strafe (1) Weapon

Nosecone (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Scattershot (1)

Scattershot (1) Weapon

Starscream (2)

Starscream (2) Weapon

Thundercracker (2)

Ravage (1)

Skywarp (2) Weapon

Afterburner (1) Weapon

Strafe (1) Weapon

Nosecone (1) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Afterburner (1)

Strafe (1)

Nosecone (1)

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