Official in-game currency includes CyberCash (Mobacoin), Credits, Battle Points and Ally Points.

CyberCash (Mobacoin)Edit

Mobacoin is purchased in the in-game Store via credit card, iTunes credit, or Android credit. Mobacoin can be used to purchase items such as Battle Cube Recharge, Energon Recharge, or Total Recharge. It can also be used to purchase Card Packs in Space Bridge to boost your deck with more powerful cards.


Credits can be earned from Missions, Battles and selling cards. It is used for Upgrading or Trans-Scanning cards.

Ally pointAlly PointsEdit

Ally points are gaining when cheering your allies (10 from each) and can be used in Space Bridge to boost the deck (1 character card for 100 Ally points)

Battle pointBattle PointsEdit

Battle Points are gaining when defeating other players (22 from each) and can be used in Space Bridge to boost the deck (1 weapon card for 500 Ally points)

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