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Dark Cybertron
Event Dates
Start End
February 5, 2014 February 11, 2014
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Revelation When Sparks Fly



"There is an ancient Cybertronian prophecy discovered by Autobot Scoops claiming that one Transformer will either bring Cybertron into a new Golden Age or lead it to ultimate doom.  AUTOBOT Scoops believes the prophesized hero to be the former Decepticon and newly elected leader of the planet-Starscream.  But Starscream himself isn't convinced yet.

Meanwhile, the Autobot formerly known as Optimus Prime travels the galaxy under his original name-Orion Pax, as he investigates a growing galactic anomaly that will lead him and his comrades into battle against an army from a parallel dimension, a perversion of our own reality-a place the Transformers have name "The Dead Universe."

Orion's investigations lead his team to an unknown planet where they discover a previously unknown sub-race of Transformers, called "Minicons" due to their comparatively small size.  On the planet, three Minicons-Heavytread, Windshear, and Runway-take up arms and cast themselves headlong into the battles surrounding this most ancient prophecy.  What role they play in the final acts of this story remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, on Cybertron itself, a "Titan" class Transformer mysteriously appears using its own space bridge technology.  Both Autobot and Decepticon forces surround the seemingly sleeping, city-sized, giant. But when Starscream, Bumblebee, Skywarp and the rest attempt contact with the sleeping Titan, it suddenly, and powerfully erupts into an energy surge, destroying much of the nearby capital city of Iacon.  And only now, do they realize that the Titan isn't sleeping and it isn't dead.  Gathering their fallen forces, Starscream and the rest detect a new energy signature from the titan perfectly matches readings consistent with those in the Dead Universe.  No longer is the Titan sleeping, no longer is it dead, it is something... else.  It has become a Necrotitan.

With the mysteries beginning to intertwine, it's up to the various teams of Autobots and Decepticons to battle their way to both the meaning behind these coiled mysteries and ultimately to victory over an enemy, that has not yet been fully revealed!"


"In the wake of a massive energy wave the Necrotitan stands unscathed.  It gazes emptily at the destruction that surrounds it.  Its mysteries no closer to being solved."

Raid Cards[]

Armada Starscream (1) 15x Attack

Armada Starscream (1) Weapon

Orion Pax (2) 15x Attack

Orion Pax (2) Weapon

Autobot Scoops (1) 5x Attack

Autobot Scoops (1) Weapon

Skywarp (6) 5x Attack

Skywarp (6) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Necrotitan (1)

Necrotitan (1) Weapon

Heavytread (1)

Heavytread (1) Weapon

Runway (1)

Runway (1) Weapon

Windshear (1)

Windshear (1) Weapon