Deadly Depths
Event Dates
Start End
March 5, 2014 March 11, 2014
Event Progression
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Circuit Breaker Assault On Iacon



"The war between Autobots and Deceptions has ravaged the ground and burned the skies! Now it plunges into the dark and deadly depths of the oceans!

A massive storm forces the evacuation of several oil platforms off the coast. Waverider and Seaspray are on hand to aid the humans above the ocean. With chaos spreading on the ocean’s surface, the real danger lies beneath as Nautilator and the Seacons make their way towards the abundant supplies of oil.

Seaspray realized the Decepticons are likely to use the cover of the storm to get at the rigs, and is about to investigate when, like a shark shooting towards its unsuspecting prey, the Seacons breach the surface of the ocean and attack him! With the raging weather above them and the Seacons beneath, the Autobots are cut off and unable to call for reinforcements. Will Waverider and Seaspray weather the storm above and below the ocean?"


"Outnumbered but not out-maneuvered, Waverider and Seaspray held the line and kept the Seacons at bay.  A break in the weather brought additional Autobot reinforcements forcing the retreat of Nautilator and the Seacons to the darkest depths of the ocean."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Seaspray (2) 10x Attack

Seaspray (2) Weapon

Waverider (1) 5x Attack

Waverider (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Snaptrap (1)

Snaptrap (1) Weapon

Tentakil (1)

Tentakil (1) Weapon

Seawing (1)

Seawing (1) Weapon

Nautilator (1)

Nautilator (1) Weapon

Waverider (1) 5x Attack

Waverider (1) Weapon

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