Eagle Eyes is the 24th Event and the 19th RaidBoss Event. It re-introduced Mid-Event Special that was first used during Day of the Dinobots part 1.  

Eagle Eyes
Episode Eagle Eyes
Event Dates
Start End
October 16, 2013 October 22, 2013
Event Progression
Previous Next
By Land, Sea, or Air End of the Road



"The Decepticons are on the ground to deliver the final component to a super weapon capable of crippling all Autobot communications, but the Autobots have taken to the skies for an aerial interception. Who will succeed? Find out in episode "Eagle Eyes"!"


"Motormaster and his convoy are now scattered but not before destroying the weapon they were transporting. The Aerialbots take to the skies once again to seek out other threats."

Mid-Event SpecialEdit

"MOTORMASTER “??" will go live on Sunday October 20 at 5pm PST with a special cargo. For hunters able to intercept MOTORMASTER “??” they will find x750 Ruby Medals and x25 Battle Cubes!

MOTORMASTER ?? will be traveling with RUNABOUT lvl 8 and BARRICADE lvl 8 so keep an eye out when these two Decepticons make their presence known!

These special rewards will continue to drop until Monday October 21 at 5pm PST at which time he will return to normal." - official blog

Raid CardsEdit

Silverbolt (2) x7 raid

Silverbolt (2) Weapon

Skydive (1) x5 raid

Skydive (1) Weapon

Fireflight (1) x3 raid

Fireflight (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Motormaster (1)

Motormaster (1) Weapon

Runamuck (1)

Runamuck (1) Weapon

Runabout (1)

Runabout (1) Weapon

Barricade (1)

Barricade (1) Weapon

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