Enter the Nightbird
Enter the Nightbird
Event Dates
Start End
August 27, 2014 September 3, 2014
Event Progression
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Beast Machines Unicron Returns



"One day, the AUTOBOTS receive a transmission from their friend, the famous scientist Doctor Fujiyama. He informs them that he has finished creating a very sophisticated robot, NIGHTBIRD, and asks them to come to the unveiling ceremony.

At the ceremony, NIGHTBIRD is revealed to be a “female ninja robot” built to benefit mankind. As the good doctor is about to explain what those purposes are, MEGATRON, THUNDERCRACKER, and the other DECEPTICONS attack the ceremony. In the ensuing confusion, the DECEPTICONS escape with NIGHTBIRD in tow.

Back at the AUTOBOT base, NIGHTBIRD (freshly reprogrammed by HARDSHELL) has slipped past the security measures put in place to stop the DECEPTICONS, and closes in on where the World Energy Chip is being kept. She steals the chip, setting off the base’s alarms, and makes her escape, all the while evading the AUTOBOTS.

AUTOBOT JAZZ and BRAWN lead a band of AUTOBOTS into the desert to go and safely capture NIGHTBIRD. While en route, however, they are ambushed by the DECEPTICONS, who join forces with the ninja robot to defeat their enemies!

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to rescue NIGHTBIRD from MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS, or will she spell their doom? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ENTER THE NIGHTBIRD”!"


"BRAWN, AUTOBOT JAZZ, and the AUTOBOTS stand triumphant over the DECEPTICONS, and are able to rescue NIGHTBIRD unharmed. They return her to Doctor Fujiyama for safekeeping.  He places her in stasis, and as the hatch closes, a glimmer can be seen in the ninja's eyes..."

Easy campaignEdit

Operation: Conference in Chaos

Medium campaignEdit

Operation: Desert Chase

Hard campaignEdit

Operation: Nightbird Strikes!

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Brawn (4) 16x Attack Bonus

Brawn (4) Weapon

Autobot Jazz (9) 10x Attack Bonus

Autobot Jazz (9) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Nightbird (1)

Nightbird (1) Weapon

Megatron (10) 5x Attack Bonus

Megatron (10) Weapon

Hardshell (4) 5x Attack Bonus

Hardshell (4) Weapon

Thundercracker (7) 5x Attack Bonus

Thundercracker (7) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Megatron (11) 5x Attack Bonus

Megatron (10) 5x Attack Bonus

Hardshell (4) 5x Attack Bonus

Thundercracker (7) 5x Attack Bonus

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