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An Event (Episode) is a limited themed occurrence which offers special rewards that include new and more powerful character cards and weapons. 

Types of Episodes

There are four different types of Events/Episodes: Raid Boss, Campaigns, PvP, Megaboss Events.

Raid Boss Events

This type of Event/Episode consists of encountering and battling powerful "bosses" alone or with help.  Bosses are the event reward cards, given stats based upon a as many as 9 (1-8 and ??) levels (NOT to be confused with the levels of a character card).  Players may select a bonus to their deck's attack power based upon the number of Battle Cubes selected.  Many of the latter bosses in an event are too strong for one player to take down without a significant investment of Battle Cubes, so an in-game help request is available, allowing the player to ask for help from Allies and the player base at large.

To aid in taking down the bosses, Raid Cards are offered either for purchase from the Tiered Space Bridge or via Ruby Medals

Each episode is also targeted at a specific faction, and character cards of that faction using weapons of that faction are given a 5% boost to their ATK (20% if all cards in the 9-character team are using faction weapons).


A  new type of event was introduced during the "Covert Operations" event.

They can also be called "Special Dungeon" Events

"In the new Campaign Episode you must bring your strongest deck of cards and fight your way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies and bosses!

There are 3 Episode Campaigns; Easy, Medium and Hard. Each Campaign consists of a series of battlefields and missions, each of which becomes tougher while you progress through the campaign. The tougher the enemies, the more points and rewards you earn.

Defeated enemy cards can be captured using Energon Nets and Energon Chains. Use these captured cards to improve your deck, level up your cards and complete your Cyberdex. Capturing cards also grant you more points and give extra rewards!

Each Campaign has an unique boss that is an Evolution Card. Clear the battlefields to reach these bosses and defeat them. Then you can capture the card and evolve the card up. On the Hard campaign the battlefields from 5 and up each feature the Evolution Card boss, and the higher the battlefield the higher the capture chance!

Your accumulated points total gives you a leaderboard position. At the end of the event, your final ranking grants you rewards."  -From the in-game event description

Player-versus-Player (PvP)

Introduced in The Omega Corps event during September to Remember pack, this type focused on pure PvP by allowing players to "show off your card collection and deck-building skills, and will be a proving ground to test your team vs. your friends!"


It is possible to attain ranks via successfully beating opponents.  As of The Omega Corps, the only ranks available are: Scout (starting rank), First Scout, Master Scout, Corporal, and Sergeant.  "Your rank will give you a boost to ATK power for your team outside of PvP Episodes!  As your Rank increases, you will earn Rank Rewards and face off against more and more challenging opponents."

Win Streaks

As one defeats more and more players in a row on a single battlegroung, his\her Win Streak increases. The more it is, the higher the rewards for beating next opponent and the more points you get. After reaching Win Streak of 50, player can get a free Raid Card.

List of Events

  • Fatal Furies (April 29th - May 6th, 2013) - Raidboss Event
  • The Bee Team (June 28th - July 5th, 2013) - Raidboss Event
  • Road to Ruin (July 16th-July 23rd, 2013) - Raidboss Event
  • Full Assault (July 24th-July 30th, 2013) - Raidboss Event
  • War Dawn (August 7th - August 13th, 2013) - Raidboss Event
  • To the Rescue (August 14th - August 20th, 2013) - Campaign Event

List of Gameplay Changes

Day of the Dinobots (Part 1)

  • Level 6 and 7 raid bosses

Robots in the Sky

  • Removed level 7 raid bosses
  • Four instead of three raid bosses
  • Double/Triple exp for upgrading and credit selling cards
  • Gold Episode Weapon Medals

Fatal Furies

  • Special Ruby Crystal Medal for Top Finishers
  • All bosses and raid cards are Super Rare

Unleash the Beasts

  • Ruby Crystal  Medal removed
  • Max amount of reward bosses is 1 
  • Added Transmetal and Weapon Upgrading material
  • Only one character receives x2 bonus, instead of all Super Rares

Cold Delivery

  • Raid cards' signature weapons are shields

Countdown to Extinction

  • Three raid bosses instead of four at the start of the event
  • The 4th boss appeared at the middle of the event

Day of the Dinobots (Part 2)

  • Five raid bosses instead of four
  • Ultra rare raid boss and card
  • x10 episode raid card bonus appeared
  • Tier episode space bridge introduced
  • Appearance of the X1-level bosses

Heavy Metal War (Part 1)

  • Four raid bosses instead of five
  • Both forms of x3 raid card are in episode rewards
  • Appearance of the X2  level bosses

All Hail Galvatron

  • Level 7 and 8 raid bosses
  • No X-level bosses

The Bee Team

  • Upgraded Tier Space Bridge
  • No Ultra Rares in raid cards
  • x7 episode raid card instead of x10

Nemesis Rising

  • Human is the 3rd raid boss

Road to Ruin

  • Tier rewards are increased for each tier
  • Discounts for Tier Space Bridge

Full Assault

  • x10 Ultra Rare episode raid card instead of Super Rare x7
  • All episode space bridge tiers are given a discount
  • Reward tiers returned to levels prior to Road to Ruin
  • Removal of all ?? bosses
  • Removal of 2x bonus when upgrading with or selling cards

Covert Operations

  • Evolution Cards
  • Campaign Episodes
  • Split robot and alt cards for one reward tier
  • Bottom two reward cards not episode specific

War Dawn

  • MVP bonus increased to 4x
  • Boss Episode
  • No Evolution Cards

To the Rescue

  • Return of the Evolution Cards
  • Alt modes of wave leaders now available for capture
  • One Loop of Tiered Space Bridge consists of 6 tiers, instead of 5

The Thin Blue Line

  • Raid boss episode
  • MVP bonus back to 1.5x
  • Return of ??? bosses
  • Return of first attack energon bonus for second wave of bosses
  • Ruby medal re-introduced to purchase raid cards

Junkion Reunion

  • Campaign episode
  • Ruby medals in place of episode gold warrior medals for capture rewards for bosses and waves
  • Ruby medals in place of episode gold weapon medals for victory rewards for bosses
  • 3 versions of Episode Sharpshot; each with a different episode bonus (x3, x5, x7)

One Shall Fall

  • Raid Boss Episode
  • x10 raid card instead of x7
  • x10 raid card cannot be purchased by ruby medals
  • One of three Ruby Space Bridges can give either of two Raid cards

S.O.S. Dinobots

  • Campaign epsiode
  • 4 raid characters instead of 3
  • raid character bonus of x2, x3, x5, x10
  • R5 raid character
  • no evolve raid character
  • evolve character as rank reward
  • other rank reward cards are only Elite not Episode
  • evolve boss weapons not part of weapons space bridge

The Omega Corps

  • PvP event
  • Introducing Ranks
  • No Ruby Medals
  • Attack bonus to cards of previous 2 episodes

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