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TransformerRarityMax Level 1Max 2 AttackMax 2 HealthMTM Attack
Afterburner (1)Super Rare34,794
Afterburner (2)Ultra Rare132,227
Afterburner (3)Epic Rare374,211
Andrewds1021/Sandbox:Evolve Character Card PageLegendary57,378
Arcee (6)Super Rare40,554
Ariel (1)Super Rare28,019
Astrotrain (1)Legendary458,866
Autobot Gears (2)Ultra Rare94,519
Autobot Jazz
Autobot Jazz (6)Super Rare28,450
Autobot Streetwise (1)Super Rare12,360
Beachcomber (2)Super Rare26,350
Blades (1)Super Rare17,919
Blast Off (3)Ultra Rare70,559
Bludgeon (1)Ultra Rare69,723
Breakdown (2)Super Rare24,400
Breakdown (4)Epic Rare361,605
Buzzsaw (2)Super Rare25,131
Clench (1)Ultra Legendary611,389
Clench (2)Ultra Rare178,847
Cliffjumper (6)Ultra Rare83,347
Cloudraker (1)Super Rare22,284
Coronation Starscream (1)Ultra Rare62,550
Cyclonus (5)Ultra Rare71,472
Decepticon Frenzy (3)Ultra Rare68,752
Decepticon Frenzy (4)Ultra Rare154,159
Decepticon Frenzy (5)Epic Rare355,862
Decepticon Rumble (4)Ultra Rare105,369
Devastator (1)Ultra Legendary566,327
Dion (1)Super Rare22,557
Dion (2)Ultra Rare217,564
Dirge (2)Super Rare23,947
Dirge (5)Ultra Rare62,523
Dirge (7)Epic Rare365,749
Dirge (9)Epic Rare
Dirk Manus (1)Legendary468,115
Divebomb (2)Super Rare16,816
Dweller (1)Legendary476,682
Eject (1)Super Rare23,561
Eject (2)Ultra Legendary745,936
Elita One (2)Ultra Rare41,097
Elita One (3)Epic Rare396,115
Fastlane (1)Ultra Rare61,821
Galvatron (7)Legendary446,541
Galvatron (8)Epic Rare382,369
Getaway (1)Super Rare26,192
Getaway (2)Epic Rare394,478
Grapple (1)Super Rare25,064
Grimlock (12)Legendary478,523
Grimlock (13)Ultra Rare165,870
Hardshell (2)Super Rare16,491
Hardshell (2) EvolveSuper Rare
Hardshell (4)Ultra Rare95,862
Headstrong (2)Super Rare13,036
Hoist (1)Super Rare32,699
Hoist (3)Epic Rare412,157
Hotspot (1)Super Rare17,667
Huffer (2)Super Rare20,164
Impactor (1)Super Rare34,023
Ironhide (5)Ultra Rare52,519
Joyride (1)Super Rare13,335
Joyride (2)Epic Rare385,867
Junkions (1)Ultra Rare145,227
Kickback (4)Ultra Rare133,914
Kickback (5)Epic Rare347,698
Laserbeak (3)/Covert OperationsSuper Rare13,980
Laserbeak (3)/End of the RoadUltra Rare42,918
Laserbeak (5)Ultra Rare354,173
Laserbeak (6)Ultra Legendary713,572
Laserbeak (7)Ultra Rare224,715
Lightspeed (1)Epic Rare375,194
Megatron (10)Ultra Rare106,288
Megatron (11)Epic Rare217,759
Megatron (13)Epic Rare407,568
Megatron (16)Epic Rare394,085
Megatron (17)Legendary456,581
Menasor (1)Ultra Legendary615,737
Motormaster (2)Ultra Rare62,453
Nightbird (1)Legendary430,347
Nosecone (1)Ultra Rare66,758
Old Snake (1)Epic Rare391,860
Omega Supreme (4)Legendary484,063
Omega Supreme (5)Ultra Rare171,386
Omega Supreme (6)Legendary484,063
Omega Supreme (7)Ultra Rare171,386
Optimus Prime (10)Epic Rare390,550
Optimus Prime (11)Epic Rare390,550
Optimus Prime (12)Epic Rare351,279
Optimus Prime (13)Ultra Rare150,745
Optimus Prime (4)Ultra Rare62,808
Optimus Prime (5)Ultra Rare53,969
Orion Pax (1)Ultra Rare57,378
Orion Pax (5)Epic Rare402,133
Perceptor (2)Ultra Rare56,982
Prowl (10)Epic Rare382,455
Prowl (11)Ultra Rare164,214
Prowl (8)Epic Rare382,455
Prowl (9)Ultra Rare164,214
Quintesson Judge (1)Ultra Rare42,444
Quintessons (1)Ultra Rare159,433
Rack'n'Ruin (1)Ultra Rare75,947
Ramjet (5)Ultra Rare94,519
Ramjet (6)Ultra Rare160,996
Rampage (2)/Call Of The PrimitivesSuper Rare26,141
Ratbat (4)Ultra Rare89,003
Ravage (3)/Covert OperationsSuper Rare17,456
Ravage (6)Super Rare41,294
Ravage (9)Epic Rare351,718
Razorclaw (2)Ultra Rare42,070
Reflector (2)Ultra Rare60,357
Returned Optimus Prime (1)Ultra Legendary691,586
Roadbuster (2)Ultra Rare74,659
Rodimus (5)Legendary438,913
Runamuck (2)Ultra Rare28,436
Scattershot (1)Ultra Rare75,154
Scattershot (2)Ultra Rare155,572
Scourge (3)/The Coronation Of StarscreamSuper Rare27,623
Scourge (5)Super Rare59,689
Senator Ratbat (1)Epic Rare351,352
Senator Ratbat (2)Ultra Rare125,919
Sideswipe (2)Super Rare25,778
Sideswipe (3)Ultra Rare60,132
Silverstreak (3)Super Rare28,777
Skywarp (10)Ultra Rare184,970
Skywarp (4)Super Rare13,803
Slapdash (1)Super Rare17,204
Slapdash (2)Ultra Rare207,428
Sludge (6)Epic Rare361,285
Slug (5)/Rescue the KingEpic Rare385,315
Slug (6)Ultra Rare123,160
Snarl (3)Ultra Rare43,057
Snarl (6)Epic Rare344,298
Snarl (9)Ultra Legendary653,802
Soundwave (14)Ultra Legendary601,066
Soundwave (15)Epic Rare173,961
Soundwave (16)Epic Rare409,319
Soundwave (3)Super Rare25,396
Soundwave (6)Ultra Rare97,925
Springer (1)Ultra Rare184,442
Starscream (8)Ultra Rare99,853
Strafe (1)Ultra Rare46,931
Sunstorm (2)Super Rare13,711
Sunstorm (4)Ultra Rare156,859
Superion (1)Ultra Legendary638,350
Sweeps (1)Super Rare24,893
Swindle (2)Super Rare25,650
Swoop (6)Ultra Rare151,802
Swoop (7)Epic Rare344,538
Thrust (4)Ultra Rare73,189
Thrust (8)Ultra Rare
Thundercracker (13)Epic Rare372,547
Thundercracker (5)Super Rare26,064
Thundercracker (7)Super Rare41,269
Torkuli (1)Ultra Rare131,733
Trans-Organics (1)Epic Rare333,014
Trans-Organics (2)Ultra Rare140,033
Twin Twist (1)Ultra Rare79,625
Ultra Magnus (3)Super Rare17,113
Ultra Magnus (6)Ultra Rare357,828
Ultra Magnus (7)Epic Rare377,399
Victor Drath (1)Ultra Rare202,832
Wheelie (1)Super Rare9,161
Wreck-Gar (1)Super Rare11,367
Wreck-Gar (3)Legendary454,157
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