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False Alarm
Event Dates
Start End
May 14, 2014 May 20, 2014
Event Progression
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The Wreckers The Secret Of Omega Supreme



"Skullcruncher and Snapdragon, both hungry to feel the metal of their Autobot enemies between their jaws, can’t wait around Decepticon headquarters any longer.

Soon enough, the Autobots Hotspot, Groove, Streetwise and Blades pick up a distress signal and decide to rush to the scene, but it’s not a friend in need that awaits them, but instead a trap set by the Decepticons duo!"


"Despite all of their scheming, Skullcrucher and Snapdragon’s plan to trap Hotspot and the others fails. But these Decepticons are far from defeated… they will return. And when they do, the Autobots will be ready."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Snapdragon (1) 16x Attack

Snapdragon (1) Weapon

Skullcruncher (1) 10x Attack

Skullcruncher (1) Weapon

Ironhide (6)

Ironhide (6) Weapon

Grimlock (6)

Grimlock (6) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Hotspot (2)

Hotspot (2) Weapon

Groove (1)

Groove (1) Weapon

Streetwise (2)

Streetwise (2) Weapon

Blades (2)

Blades (2) Weapon

Skullcruncher (1) 10x Attack

Skullcruncher (1) Weapon