Fireflight (3)

Fireflight 3 Robot
Fireflight (3) Robot Mode
Fireflight 3 Alt
Fireflight (3) Alt Mode
Faction Autobot Specialization Heavy Heavy
Rarity Legendary Class Unknown
Sell Price Unknown Max Level 120
Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Ability Triple Attack Triple Attack
Quote Autobots give FIREFLIGHT a wide berth when he takes to the skies. He enjoys flight so much that he sometimes forgets that others may be flying alongside, leading to some near collisions. His enthusiasm and fearlessness in the air more than makes up for his fumbles.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 78360 166274 5941 250575
Robot/Alt Card Max 275007 387264 17877 680148
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 495012 697075 32178 1224265
Robot Locations The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1
Alt Locations The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1
Signature Weapon Fireflight (3) Weapon

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