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|start = April 10th, 2014
|start = April 10th, 2014
|end = April 15th, 2014
|end = April 15th, 2014
|previous = The Galactic Games}}
|previous = The Galactic Games|next = Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 2}}

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Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 1
Event Dates
Start End
April 10th, 2014 April 15th, 2014
Event Progression
Previous Next
The Galactic Games Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 2



"After the destruction of Unicron, the Decepticons retreat to the planet Chaar to regroup. During the inaugural Galactic Games, a Skuxxoid attack captures Spike, Kup, and Ultra Magnus. Arcee and Springer set off to track them down. Arcee and Springer pursue a Skuxxoid alien ship to a distant asteroid. 

Meanwhile, Cyclonus discovers the remains of Galvatron on the planet Krull. Rodimus Prime and Grimlock spy on the Deecpticons as they scrape together enough Energon to revive Galvatron. They determine that the Decepticons are too weak right now to be behind the kidnapping, but are discovered and Rodimus Prime is gravely injured.

Springer and Arcee arrive just in time. As his life force dwindles, Rodimus Prime learns who is truly behind the kidnappings… "


"Rodimus Prime, badly damaged from the Decepticon attack, has a vision that reveals the Quintessons behind the kidnapping and attack. Rising again, Galvatron destroys the planet Krull and proclaims the Decepticons have an empire to reclaim."

Space Bridge Cards

Thundercracker (6) 10x Attack

Thundercracker (6) Weapon

Tantrum (2) 10x Attack

Tantrum (2) Weapon

Reward Cards

Cliffjumper (5)

Cliffjumper (5) Weapon

Outback (1)

Outback (1) Weapon

Sludge (4)

Sludge (4) Weapon

Slug (4)

Slug (4) Weapon

Tantrum (2) 10x Attack

Tantrum (2) Weapon

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