Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 1
Event Dates
Start End
April 10th, 2014 April 15th, 2014
Event Progression
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The Galactic Games Unknown



"During an attack on the Autobots, Megatron secretly slips away from the battle and sabotages the Autobots’ recharging chamber. The next morning, Optimus Prime and his Autobots, upon being recharged, find that their will is not their own—they are compelled to follow Megatron’s orders! And those orders are to attack the nearby Rutter Military Force base! 

Bumblebee, Sparkplug and Jazz return to Autobot HQ after a night out testing Jazz’s new off-the-hook sound system to find Silverstreak acting erratically and the rest of the Autobots gone. They subdue Silverstreak and see that Teletraan 1 has been destroyed. 

Bumblebee and Jazz discover the cause of the Autobots new mission—Megatron slipped a personality destabilizing device into the recharging chamber, causing the Autobots to turn evil! And at this very moment, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are attempting to steal a human solar energy satellite from Rutter Military base.

Leaving Sparkplug to discover a cure for the personality destabilization, Bumblebee and Jazz race to the Air Force base to stop their fellow Autobots. Will Bumblebee and Jazz stop them in time?"


"Sparkplug creates and attitude exchanger, repairing the Autobots' broken personalities.  Optimus Prime thanks Bumblebee, noting how he showed true courage-doing what is right, even when it means going against your friends.  Making amends with Rutter Military base, Optimus Prime pledges to repair all the damage they've caused."

Space Bridge Cards

Autobot Jazz (8) 15x Attack

Autobot Jazz (8) Weapon

Bumblebee (7) 10x Attack

Bumblebee (7) Weapon

Reward Cards

Autobot Ratchet (5)

Autobot Ratchet (5) Weapon

Prowl (6)

Prowl (6) Weapon

Autobot Hound (5)

Autobot Hound (5) Weapon

Silverstreak (2)

Silverstreak (2) Weapon

Bumblebee (7) 10x Attack

Bumblebee (7) Weapon

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