Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 2
Event Dates
Start End
April 16, 2014 April 22, 2014
Event Progression
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Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 1 Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 3



"Spike, Magnus, and Kup are sentenced to death by the Quintessons. Before they can be destroyed, Grimlock, the Aerialbots, and the other Autobots arrive to rescue them. Desperate to destroy the Matrix, the Quintessons detonate a core bomb, destroying their  home world of Quintesson.

Determined to destroy the Autobot leader Rodimus Prime, the Quintessons give energon to the desperate Decepticons in exchange for destroying the Autobots. Meanwhile, on the planetoid Goo, the Quintesson Deliberata comes to respect the Autobots sense of courage and honor after witnessing Rodimus Prime nearly sacrifice himself to save his team.

The newly revived Galvatron arrives on Chaar to discover the Decepticons have left to follow the Quintessons. Incensed at this betrayal, Galvatron vows to once again become leader of the Decepticons."


"During a battle with the Autobots on the Planetoid Goo, the Decepticons once again pledge their allegiance to Galvatron. Galvatron and the Decepticons depart Goo, determined to crush the Quintessons."

Easy campaignEdit

Operation: Quintesson Judgement


Medium campaignEdit

Operation: Brave Sacrifice


Hard campaignEdit

Operation: Decepticon Leadership


Space Bridge CardsEdit

Blaster (3) 10x Attack

Blaster (3) Weapon

Air Raid (2) 10x Attack

Air Raid (2) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Motormaster (3)

Motormaster (3) Weapon

Motormaster (2)

Motormaster (2) Weapon

Blast Off (3)

Blast Off (3) Weapon

Swindle (2)

Swindle (2) Weapon

Runamuck (2)

Runamuck (2) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Swindle (2)

Blast Off (3)

Motormaster (2)

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