Flamewar (1)

Flamewar (1) - Robot
Flamewar (1) Robot Mode
Flamewar (1) - Alt
Flamewar (1) Alt Mode
Faction Decepticon Specialization Melee Melee
Rarity Super Rare Class Infiltration Infiltration
Sell Price Unknown Max Level 65
Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Quote FLAMEWAR has spent years preparing for her final battle against the AUTOBOT ARCEE. She has studied every one of her enemy's moves, and devised a strategy to counter each of them. Now she lies in wait for an encounter with her enemy.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 1894 4400 363 6657
Robot/Alt Card Max 5083 10400 1453 16936
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 9150 18720 2616 30486
Robot Locations Space Bridge; The Master Builders
Alt Locations Space Bridge; The Master Builders
Signature Weapon Flamewar (1) Weapon

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