Hoist Goes Hollywood
Hoist Goes Hollywood
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November 12, 2014 November 18, 2014
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Shattered Glass Signature Series featuring Marcelo Martere



"On a leisurely drive through the desert, HOIST happens upon the scene of a car crash. When he, Spike, and Carly go to investigate, they discover that it is a stunt scene being shot for a movie. Impressed by his ability to change shape, the director offers HOIST and his friends a part in the movie.

Back at the base, WARPATH and some of the other AUTOBOTS are excited by the prospect of being in a movie and immediately head to the movie studio lot. They are not as excited, however, by their parts being the enemy invaders.

Overhead, DIRGE flies towards the DECEPTICON base, carrying a stolen AUTOBOT weapon. On the way, he encounters issues carrying the heavy load, and crashes into the swamp set at the movie studio.

Enraged at the possibility that the AUTOBOTS might be aware of the weapon’s theft, MEGATRON sends ASTROTRAIN, RAMJET, and KICKBACK to where DIRGE crashed, in order to retrieve the weapon and to purge any evidence of their involvement. The AUTOBOTS, already on set, intercept the DECEPTICONS and fight to protect the crew and their movie.

Will the DECEPTICONS obtain the weapon and destroy the evidence alongside the AUTOBOTS and the film crew? Or will HOIST save the day and be everyone’s hero? Find out on TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS - “Hoist Goes Hollywood!”"


"HOIST and the others manage to drive off the DECEPTICONS, preventing them from destroying the film. After some time to rebuild the sets, the AUTOBOTS help finish filming. The resulting movie is a blockbuster success, further adding fuel to the DECEPTICONS’ anger."

Easy campaignEdit

Major Pictures

Medium campaignEdit


Hard campaignEdit

Alien Robots Attack

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Hoist (3) 16x Attack Bonus

Hoist (3) Weapon

Warpath (5) 10x Attack Bonus

Warpath (5) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Astrotrain (1)

Astrotrain (1) Weapon

Dirge (7)

Dirge (7) Weapon

Ramjet (6)

Ramjet (6) Weapon

Kickback (4)

Kickback (4) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Kickback (5) 10x Attack Bonus

Dirge (7) 5x Attack Bonus

Ramjet (6) 5x Attack Bonus

Kickback (4) 5x Attack Bonus

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