Items can be either given as rewards or be purchased from the shop with the Mobage MobaCoins .

Reward ItemsEdit

Item Description
Energon Cylinder Mini

Energon Recharge Mini

Instantly recharge 50% of your energon.

Battle Energy Cylinder Mini
Battle Cube Recharge Mini

Instantly recharge one Battle Cube.


Used for upgrading characters (using 1 costs 500 credits)

Weapon Material

Weapon Upgrade Material

Used for upgrading weapons
Energon Chain Gives some chance of capturing an enemy in Campaign Episodes

Shop ItemsEdit

Item Description

Energon cylinder
Full Energon Recharge

Instantly recharge all of your energon. Costs 100 MobaCoins.

Battle energy cylinder
Full Battle Cube Recharge

Instantly recharge all of your Battle Cubes. Costs 100 MobaCoins.

Total regen cylinder
Total Recharge

Instantly recharge all of your energon and Battle Cubes. Costs 180 MobaCoins.
Energon Net Gives 100% chance of capturing an enemy in Campaign Episodes. Costs 200 MobaCoins. Can also be received in Campaign Events and as Daily Bonus
Transformation Cog Can be used to get Ultra Rare cards instead of Ruby Medals. Purchase bonus of Tiered Space Bridge

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