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Junkion Reunion is the Special Dungeons (Campaign) type Event that was held from 28th August and 3rd September, 2013.

It is the 19th event of all

Junkion Reunion
Event Dates
Start End
August 28, 2013 September 3, 2013
Event Progression
Previous Next
The Thin Blue Line One Shall Fall



After the defeat of UNICRON, ULTRA MAGNUS must return to Earth to rebuild in the aftermath of the brutal Decepticon assault. He brings with him his Autobot comrades from the planet Junkion, including their new allies WRECK-GAR and WHEELIE. Their reunion is short-lived, however, as they are interrupted by a sneak attack by the INSECTICONS, who have a score to settle!

Biding their time, the cunning INSECTICONS wait for the right moment to strike. The preoccupied Autobots are overwhelmed by their surprise attacks. Will they stand a chance against these vicious assaults?

Find out in today’s episode… JUNKION REUNION!


By biding your time, your vicious suprise attacks were well executed. Wheelie, Wreck-Gar and Ultra Magnus didn't stand a chance!

Who may enter[]

Anyone is free to enter after reaching level 2.

Participating in the episode[]

1) Select an unlocked campaign.

2) Clear all Battlefields by completing all Missions.

3) Battle the Battlefield's End Boss to unlock the next Battlefield or Campaign.

4) The higher the Mission, Battlefield and Campaign, the bigger the rewards.

5) Capture defeated Cards to earn more points and rewards.

6) Earn additional rewards through point rewards and leaderboard ranking.

7) For this Episode, cards that are evolving get a bigger Episode Battle Bonus!

Playing special campaign[]

After starting the Episode, you can access the Special Campaigns from the campaign select menu. There you must fight your way through a series of increasingly difficult battlefields and missions. You must defeat the final Boss in the last battlefield in order to unlock and progress to the next campaign.

Mission battles[]

You must engage every wave in order to progress; you cannot skip these battles. Regardless of the battle's result you will progress to the next wave, but you will not earn any Episode points and rewards if you lose. Battles consume Battle Cubes.


Every enemy you defeat can be captured. You must use a Energon Net or Energon Chain capture item for this. Successful captures reward you with the card, extra items and additional Episode point rewards.

NOTE: In this particular event, the success rate on the Energon Nets seem to have been lowered. Be persistant, and don't be afraid to revisit earlier levels to get bosses and evolve cards.


Note: Locations are random.


Chromia (1)     Robot: 1.1     Alt: 1.2

Grimlock (1)

Ultra Magnus (1)

Wheelie (1)

Wreck-Gar (1)

Ultra Magnus (3)

Raid cards[]

Sharpshot (2) 3x Attack Bonus

Sharpshot (2) 5x Attack Bonus

Sharpshot (2) 7x Attack Bonus

Sharpshot (2) Weapon

Hardshell (2)

Hardshell (2) Weapon

Wheelie (1) Weapon

Wreck-Gar (1) Weapon

Ultra Magnus (3) Weapon


Arcee (3)

Arcee (3) Weapon

Perceptor (1)

Perceptor (1) Weapon

Arcee (1)

Arcee (1) Weapon

Ultra Magnus (1)

Ultra Magnus (1) Weapon